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Event :   Proclamation Ride
When :  June 22 @ 9:00 am
Where : State Capital

Event :   Proclamation Ride
When :  June 23 @ 7:00 am
Where :  Fort Vasquez – Fort Lupton
- Urban Farm Youth leave the Fort in Ft Lupton carrying proclamation to Greeley on horseback,  ceremony at 5pm at Island Grove Park

Event :   Sheriff’s Posse 1st Annual Roping
When :  9:30 am
Where : Sheriff’s Arena 1104 “H” Street, Greeley

Event :   State Posse Meet – Hosted by Weld County
When :  September 3 & 4, 2011
Where :


The Weld County Sheriff’s POSSE will provide assistance to the Sheriff’s Office and the community in a safe and professional manner using mounted law enforcement tactics.



Sheriff's Posses have existed in the United States since the 1700's.  In the West, territorial jurisdictions were vast and law enforcement was minimal.  Sheriff's and marshals often deputized citizens to capture criminals and enforce the law.  That is true today, the Sheriff's Posse is used by the Weld County Sheriff's Office to cover almost 4000 square miles of Weld County.  There has been a Sheriff's Posse in Weld County since the late 1800's.  Our current Posse was formed about 50 years ago.

The Posse's of the wild West were made up of a wide variety of citizens from all types of backgrounds and occupations.  The same is true of our current Posse, some of the members are already part of law enforcement, but many are in business, education, a few are retired.  They all have a desire to serve their community and to provide a service to the Sheriff's Office.

The current Posse is seen at many events throughout the entire year.  We provide security at the Stampede, the Weld County Fair, the Weld County Farm Show, and other large events.  The Posse serves as volunteer's at crime scenes, searches for missing persons and evidence gathering.  This is all done as volunteers, each Posse member donates their time and the use of their horse.  We also are seen at many parades throughout Weld County, which is positive image building for the Sheriff's Office.

The Weld County Sheriff's Posse celebrated their 50th birthday during 2008.

The Posse participates in ongoing training for themselves and their horses on a monthly schedule.  The Posse practices horsemanship skills by participating in mounted law enforcement techniques, in gymkhana and rodeo type events.  This allows our Posse to prepare for our annual "State Posse Association Meet", we were honored to have Weld County be the host of this large event over the labor day weekend, 2008.  With the help of generous donations from many businesses and individuals we hosted an event that all of Weld County can be very proud of.

Sheriff’s Posse Names Queen – Oct 27, 2010


Caitlin Anne Schwartz, 15, was chosen to be the Weld County Sheriff’s image Office Posse Queen for 2010-2011. Caitie is the daughter of Tim Schwartz of Evans and LeighAnne Schwartz of Ft Collins and the granddaughter of Posse member Mary Schwartz. Caitie prepared and gave a public speech and demonstrated her riding abilities in the arena on her horse Jamaica. Caitie has been riding horses since she could sit up by herself. She has been active as a youth posse member for several years and has completed two 40 hour spring training courses as well as attending most monthly trainings. Her interests are community service with the posse, barrel racing, rodeo events and training horses. Most recently she has ventured into team roping. She enjoys meeting new people and learning more about law enforcement. Caitie resides with her mom and brother Bryce in Ft Collins where she attends Ft Collins High School.


2010 State Posse Meet in Estes ParkDSCN1222



Pistol Shoot

3rd Place Mark Magnuson
5th Place Geof Johnson

Team Shoot – 3rd Place

Jeff Harbert
Wally Dyer
Geof Johnson
Mark Maguson


1st Place Jeff Harbert
2nd Place Mark Magnuson

Mounted Law Enforcement Techniques




1st Place
Patrick Cavalli
on Pelican




3rd Place Geof Johnson on Easy
5th Place Wally Dyer on J.J.

Rescue Race



2nd Place Patrick Cavalli on Pelican and Dean Wagner on Gusto




Pole Bending




5th Place
Dan Perusek
on Spud


Keyhole Race

3rd Place Patrick Cavalli on Pelican
4th Place on Geof Johnson on Easy
5th Place Ken Ramsay on Rex

Team Sort



1st Place  Patrick Cavalli, Dan Perusek, Margie Martinez



3rd Place Ken Ramsay, Sue Ramsay, Dean Wagner

Breakaway Calf Roping under 50



1st Place Dan Perusek

Breakaway Calf Roping 50-59

1st Place Dean Wagner

Calf Branding



1st Place Dean Wagner, Dan Perusek, Patrick Cavalli

Member Goat Tying



2nd Place Dan Perusek on Rowdy

Member/Non Member Ribbon Roping




1st Place Dan Perusek and Cassie Coltrain
DSCN1315 2nd Place Patrick and Carrie Cavalli

Kids Events


6 and under

1st  PlacePayton Cavalli

age 7-12
1st Place Billye Johnson

age 13 – 17
1st Place Cassie Coltrain

Barrel Racing



6 and under
1st Place Payton Cavalli




DSCN1248 age 7-12
1st Place Billye Johnson

age 13-17
1st Place Cassie Coltrain
2nd Place Lizzie Pryzgoda

Flag Race

age 7-12
1st Place Billye Johnson







age 13-17
1st Place Cassie Coltrain

Goat Tying

age 13-17
1st Place Lizzie Pryzgoda
2nd Place Cassie Coltrain

Spouses Events

Western Pleasure

2nd Place Carrie Cavalli on Pelican
4th Place Ken Abeles on Hank
5th Place Darcy Wagner on Kate

Barrel Racing

DSCN1109 3rd Place Carrie Cavalli on Pelican

Flag Race

Copy of DSCN1188




3rd Place Darcy Wagner on Kate

Pole Bending

4th Place Ken Abeles on Chief

Goat Tying

2nd Place Ken Abeles on Chief

Team Roping

2nd Place – Dean Wagner & Barney Kunde

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