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Weld County Jail


The Jail will accept and lawfully hold prisoners in a safe, humane, wholesome environment that provides opportunities for rehabilitation, victim reparation and returns people to the community better, or no worse, than they arrived.


Main_Entrance The Sheriff’s Office is concerned about the families and friends of those in our custody.  This information may make this time less difficult for you and give you a better understanding of how the jail the works and what life for your loved one may be like.

For All Emergencies Dial 911

Contact Information

Weld County North Jail Complex
2110 "0" Street, Greeley, Co , 80631
phone:(970) 356-4015
Bond Desk Information
phone:(970) 356-4015 x 3922
phone:(970) 356-4015 x 3921
Visit information - English
phone:(970) 356-4015 x 4045
Visit Information - Spanish
phone:(970) 356-4015 x 4043
Schedule Visits
phone:(970) 304-6556
Dispatch Non-Emergency
phone:(970) 356-1212
Work Release
phone:(970) 356-4015 x 2975
Master Control
phone:(970) 356-4015 x 3960