Weld residents offer compliments after traffic contacts with deputies

Published on August 25, 2021

Website News Release

Jobs well done are in order for deputies Grady Nicholson and Desarae Burson, who both received this week positive comments from members of the community.

Last week, Nicholson and his K9 partner, Rok, were patrolling Weld County Road 49 when Nicholson pulled over a woman for a traffic infraction. The woman, who asked not to be identified publicly, said in an email to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office that although she recognized she was in the wrong and offered no excuses, her driving was the result of having a particularly bad day.

Nicholson immediately recognized something was wrong, the woman wrote, and offered “a kind ear and took the time to ask me questions regarding my day, work and basically my world.”

“With our current society vilifying law enforcement unjustly, this encounter has stuck with me,” the woman continued. “Deputy Nicholson taking the time to have a conversation with me has reinstalled a shred of hope for our society. I have never encountered such a compassionate officer who truly seemed to care about the people they encounter.”

Then this week, we received a similar note about Deputy Burson that also involved a contact with a resident during a traffic stop. We opted not to identify this man either, but here’s a portion of what he wrote:

“At a time when law enforcement is taking many complaints, it was extremely encouraging to have encountered Deputy Burson. She was polite, courteous and professional in her actions, and is to be commended. I hope all law enforcement representatives in your office, as well as in the area where I reside, are just as excellent as Deputy Burson.” 

Again, job well done deputies Nicholson and Burson. Thank you for serving as another example of how we do things here in Weld County.