Weld County Sheriff’s Office joins Neighbors Public Safety Service

Published on February 04, 2022


The Weld County Sheriff’s Office has joined Neighbors, the Public Safety Service application developed by the creators of Ring home security devices.

Neighbors provides the sheriff’s office with another means of sharing information with the Weld County community about crime trends, prevention and safety tips, communications about ongoing investigations and updates about other relevant public safety incidents. Neighbors also allows residents to share photos, video and information about recent crimes with the community, including with the sheriff’s office.

“There are more than 20 law enforcement agencies using the Neighbors app in Colorado, all with documented cases where information received through the app helped solve crimes,” said Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams. “This will serve as just another tool in our arsenal to better connect with and serve the people of Weld County.”

The Neighbors app is free to download and is available on both Apple and Android smartphones. Users don’t need a Ring device to join Neighbors as it is also compatible with other Wi-Fi-enabled security systems that can be viewed from your smartphone, such as Google Nest devices.

Neighbors allows users to share photos, videos and information about local crime and public safety incidents. The Weld County Sheriff’s Office will only be able to view information publicly posted to the app by residents living in Weld County unless users decide to share content directly with the agency. The Neighbors app DOES NOT provide the sheriff’s office with direct access to your security devices.

Neighbors, as well as other social media platforms, is not a replacement for 911. Always call 911 for in-progress crimes and emergencies. For more information about Neighbors, visit ring.com/neighbors.