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E-Alerts for Weld County Sheriff The Weld County Sheriff's Office has the ability to send an e-mail to you based on your membership to a specific list of interest. You may choose to have multiple e-mail addresses subscribed to certain lists. For example, some users may choose to have their home, office and cell phone all subscribed to a list. In this example the message would be received by all three accounts.


Below are the current lists and a brief description of what each list is used for.

Daily Arrested Reports

Daily arrested reports list will send you an email of the daily arrest report (arrests booked into the Weld County Jail from the previous day) when it is published.

Daily Call Reports

Daily calls report list will send you an email of all of the calls deputies responded to the previous day.

Daily Inmate Released Reports

Daily Inmate Released Report list will send you an email of all of the Weld County inmates released the previous day.

Weld County's Most Wanted

Weld County most wanted is designed to provide updates on Weld's Most Wanted fugitives. Examples could be captures or recent sightings.

Weld County Emergency Alerts

Weld County emergency alerts list is designed to send out any late breaking information, including information about wanted persons, vehicles or missing persons. This system also provides updates from the Emergency Operations Center while emergency and/or disasters are happening.

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