FASTER Training

FASTER Training

Coloradans for Civil Liberties Launching 3-day Training to Stop Active Shooters, Medically Save Lives

Colorado law currently allows K-12 school staff to carry a concealed firearm on campus, provided they are designated by their School Board, or Charter School Board, as a school security officer.  A 3 day, specialized training class will be offered from June 20 – June 22 here in Weld County.  The Weld County Sheriff’s Office is not teaching the course, but has assisted with facilitating this training by providing the use of a training facility. 

The training, called FASTER training has been taught in Ohio for the past 5 years, training nearly 900 school staff members. FASTER stands for Faculty / Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response, and was the brainchild of Buckeye Firearms Foundation and Tactical Defense Institute, both in Ohio. The curriculum includes skills to stop active shooter situations, as well as advanced medical training to deal with related injuries such as gunshot wounds.

Application for registration for the first class in June is open to school staff who already have their Concealed Handgun Permit (CHL) and who have already been approved as a school security officer, or who are in the process of being approved, by their School Board or Charter School Board.

The tuition is $1,000 per class member, and scholarships are available. 

For more information, or to register for the FASTER class, please go to FasterColorado.com. For media questions, or schedule and interview, please contact lauracarno@gmail.com or 719-492-0211.