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Sexually Violent Predators

General Information

As our community grows, the number of SVPs will grow too. The following documents contain identical information disseminated during SVP community notification meetings, during public notification events and are maintained all the time on our website for access 24/7, in Weld County to raise awareness in the community and provide tools for citizens to remain informed and make responsible decisions concerning SVPs and all registered sex offenders in the County. There is also a detailed video made with information for citizens in Weld County regarding SVPs and all registered sex offenders in the County.

The following SVPs are registered with the Weld County Sheriff's Office. Their community bulletin information is maintained and updated to the best of our ability as (only) one way to notify our citizens and the public. However, being a vigilant parent/guardian, reporting suspicious information to local law enforcement, and using the registered sex offender countywide website, are all useful tools for keeping yourself informed. Being aware and informed is the best way to prevent becoming a victim of any crime. To report an emergency call 911, or non-emergency dispatch in Weld County is 970-350-9600. For direct questions about the following SVPs or registered sex offenders with our agency, contact 970-356-4015 x2871.

SVP Community Notification Meetings

As with Sex Offenders, Sexually Violent Predators were not required to notify law enforcement of their residence until the Jacob Wetterling Act of 1994. This act enabled law enforcement to share information with members of their community, and in the case of Sexually Violent Predators, law enforcement must actively notify citizens.

Under the direction of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board, a protocol has been established to assist law enforcement agencies in Weld County with the tools to conduct educational and informative SVP Community Notification Meetings. These recommendations are designed to minimize public fear and emotional reaction to the SVP's arrival in the community. Community education is the key element of a successful notification program. The intent of community notification is not to impose harassment or additional punishment on the offender, but to provide information to those individuals or agencies that need to know about the offender's potential risk.

In Weld County, notification of a Sexually Violent Predator is sent via mail to the area surrounding SVP's residence. There is no guideline as to how many people should be notified of an SVP living in the community. Many factors determine the appropriate area of notification including population, local business, schools, day care centers, assisted living centers, and other geographical factors.

The notification letters sent to these residents are notice of a community meeting regarding a SVP and will not contain specific information about the SVP. This information is omitted to prevent vigilantism, harassment, or intimidation that may result before the community notification meeting takes place. The notification letter is simply a notice that an individual living in your area, has been convicted of a sex offense that requires notification and will list a date, time, and meeting place to obtain more information about the SVP.

SVP Registration Procedures

Sexually Violent Predators (SVP's) follow the same guidelines for registration as do sex offenders except that SVP's are required to register quarterly for life and are not eligible to petition for discontinuation of registration. The following is a brief overview of the Colorado Sex Offender registration Act as provide by the Sex Offender Management Board and can be found in Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S.) 16-22-101 through 16-22-114, as it pertains to law enforcement requirements for registration of adult sex offenders, specifically, Sexually Violent Predators.

  • Persons required to register as described in C.R.S. 16-22-102 through 16-22-103.
  • Probation, Community Corrections, County Jail, Law Enforcement, Department of Human Services, Department of Corrections, and Judges and Magistrates shall provide notice to offenders informing them of their duty to register.
  • Offenders must register with the appropriate law enforcement agency within 5 business days after release from incarceration or, if not incarcerated, within 5 business days after notice of the duty to register. If an offender is released from the Department of Corrections (DOC) without parole, offenders must register the next business day. Offenders moving to Colorado from other states must register within 5 days of their arrival in Colorado.
  • Before release from DOC, offenders must specify a address at least 10 days prior to release. DOC personnel, in cooperation with the appropriate law enforcement agency, must verify the proposed address and provide notice to the law enforcement agency, within 2-5 days before the offender is released.
  • Offenders shall complete standardized registration forms when registering with law enforcement. Registrations forms shall be confidential and shall not be released to the public. The law enforcement agency shall retain a copy of the registration form and shall report the information to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for the central registry within three business days.
  • Offenders must register in all jurisdictions where they establish a residence. If an offender changes his/her address, he/she must, within 5 business days, cancel registration at the previous law enforcement agency, and register at the new agency.
  • SVP's are required to register quarterly for life. They are not eligible to petition for discontinuation of registration.
  • The law enforcement agency shall verify an SVP's address quarterly.
  • Failure to register or otherwise comply with registration requirements constitutes a new offense (C.R.S. 18-3-412.5). When a peace officer determines that there is probably cause to believe that a crime of failure to register has been committed by a SVP pursuant to article 22 of title 16 of the Colorado Revised Statute, the officer shall arrest the person suspected of the crime.
  • The law enforcement agency shall release information regarding persons required to register to any resident of the agency's jurisdiction and may release information to persons living outside the agency's jurisdiction. The agency may post the information on a web site, as authorized in C.R.S. 16-22-112(2). Information released at a minimum, shall include name address or addresses, aliases, date of birth, photo, if requested and readily available, and the unlawful sexual behavior offense requiring registration. Information concerning victims shall not be released.
SVP Video

Sexually Violent Predators Video

Current Registered SVP's

Contact Information

Weld County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Jennifer Fick
Phone: (970) 356-4015 x4065

Sex Offender Registration Information

To register or re-register you must appear in person at our records department in Greeley, M-F excluding major holidays between the hours of 8am to 5pm, registration can not happen by phone, however the records' department phone number is included here for any questions concerning hours or location.

For additional registration services please contact Deputy Fick


(970) 350-9627

1551 North 17 Avenue, Greeley, Colorado