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Administration - The Weld County Sheriff's duties are established by Colorado Statutes and the Weld County Home Rule Charter and include, but are not limited to, maintenance of a county jail, service and execution of all processes, writs, precepts, and orders of the County and District Courts or presented for service by citizens pursuant to civil procedure, transportation of prisoners, security of the courthouse, search and rescue, control of grassland fires, and the investigation of crimes or breech of the peace. Some of these duties are confined to areas outside incorporated fire districts while other duties include the entire county and its citizens without regard to political subdivision boundaries.

Patrol - The Weld County Sheriff's Office's jurisdiction covers approximately 4,000 square miles. The Sheriff's Office has divided the county into four sections referred to as districts so that we can better service the citizens of Weld County. These districts were created using the Sheriff's Office philosophy of Community Policing and in accordance with those guiding principles, deputies are assigned to patrol districts on a continuing, routine basis. The Community Policing philosophy also has deputies working to be a part of the communities to assist the citizens in resolving the problems that affect the quality of life of that area. In an effort to be part of the community, the Sheriff's Office regularly participates in the neighborhood watch areas that are established throughout the districts. The Deputies view themselves as partners in the communities they serve and can provide citizens with resources beyond strictly those relevant to law enforcement. Deputies welcome the many opportunities to meet with the citizens in their assigned areas and appreciate citizen contact no matter the circumstances.

Detentions - The Weld County Jail is located in the County Seat of Greeley, Colorado. Capable of holding over 700 inmates, staff members work tirelessly to ensure that inmates are held in a safe, humane, wholesome environment that returns people to the community better, or no worse, than they arrived. The Weld County Jail is a direct supervision facility, meaning that each housing unit is staffed with a deputy to ensure that inmates are as safe as possible at all times.