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Weld County Sheriff, County Commissioners agree to reduce CCW fees

Posted on 06/25/2020

Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams is pleased to announce he has reached an agreement with the Weld County Board of County Commissioners to reduce the fee for a concealed carry weapon permit.

Sheriff Reams met with the county commissioners Thursday to propose the fee reduction. The board signed off on the proposal to reduce CCW fees to $52.50 from $100.

This is the second CCW fee reduction to occur since Sheriff Reams was elected. He successfully advocated for a fee reduction of $100 from $150 shortly after taking office in January 2015.

Sheriff Reams decided another fee reduction was appropriate in the wake of the recent passage of Colorado Senate Bill 20-217, the “Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity Act.”

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with concerned citizens about what law enforcement response looks like in this era of anti-cop rhetoric, talks of defunding the police and a state legislature that often times doesn’t stand side-by-side with police,” Reams said. “I thought it was time for another fee reduction to give the citizens of Weld County the opportunity to exercise their 2nd Amendment right in the least financially-restrictive way possible.”

The board of county commissioners plans to vote on the fee reduction during its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday. The sheriff’s office will begin charging the new fee as soon as it is formally adopted.