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Weld Sheriff Reams: Wearing face mask doesn’t invalidate CCW permit

Posted on 06/29/2020

Wearing a face mask in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t invalidate a person’s concealed handgun permit, Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams said on Tuesday.

There have been a lot of claims made on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms that it’s against the law to carry a concealed weapon while wearing a face mask, even for those with a valid CCW. The claim is pure social media rumor.

“It’s unfortunate rumors become fact once they start to spread like wildfire on social media,” Reams said. “Our goal is to make sure citizens don’t feel like they have to make a choice between wearing a face mask and exercising their Second Amendment right.”

The laws governing concealed carry in the state are stipulated in Colorado Revised Statutes 18-12-201 through 18-12-216. Nowhere in Colorado law does it state a valid CCW holder is prohibited from wearing a face mask.