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The Weld County Sheriff's office is committed to the safety and well-being of citizens. If you have been a victim of a convicted offender sentenced to the Weld County Jail for a crime listed under C.R.S. title 24, the Victim's Rights Act, please read this notice carefully. This notice will help you understand your rights at the post-sentencing stage of the criminal justice process.

Custody status of the offender

Please remember to KEEP US INFORMED of ANY changes in your address, email address and all phone contact information to ensure you receive timely notifications. By doing so, you help us in providing you the notifications and information you need. You can email any changes to your contact information to or register for automatic release notification at

legal rights at the post-sentencing stage of the criminal justice process
  • To be informed when a person accused or convicted of the crime is released from custody, is paroled, escapes or absconds from probation or parole.
  • To be informed of and heard at any reconsideration of sentence, parole hearing, or commutation of sentence;
  • To be informed when a person convicted of a crime against the victim is placed in or transferred to a less secure correctional facility or program or is permanently or conditionally transferred or released from any state hospital;
  • To be informed of any rights which the victim has pursuant to the constitution of the United States or the State of Colorado.
  • To be informed of the process for enforcing compliance with the Victim Rights Act.

In an effort to keep you well informed of an offender's status, please take a moment to consider the following:

When you register on-line for post sentencing notifications, you will be enrolled into the auto-mated notification system. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation of such via text or email.

Weld County jail Calculation of good time and estimated release dates

Offenders may be awarded Earned Time each month, typically 10-12 days every month. This can bring the Time Served Date(s) much sooner than you would expect. Earned Time cannot exceed 30% of the offender's sentence.

Please know that our mission at the Weld County Sheriff Office is to provide effective public service with honor and integrity. Our Victim Services Unit is here to support you through the many challenges that people often experience when they have fallen victim to a crime of violence. In emergencies, remember to always call 911.

For more information, questions, community resources, or guidance with safety planning, please contact the Weld County Victim Services Unit at

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