Cold Case Files

Marjorie Sue Fithian 1975

Margorie Fithian Marjorie “Margie” Fithian was last seen by her uncle, who on or about June 23, 1975, dropped her off at a bus depot in downtown Denver. She was going to catch a bus back to Greeley the following day with her 18-month-old son.

Fithian's body was discovered the following day on June 24, 1975, on the side of a dirt road in rural Weld County, near Roggen. She was shot to death before her body and her son were dumped on the side of the road. Her son, who was unharmed, was found on the side of the road with his mother, holding her hand.

Witnesses said a light yellow or tan midsized two door car was in the area about the time investigators think Fithian's body was dumped. Three suspects were identified, including Robert Davis, Vern Hudson and Larry Hernandez. They allegedly picked up the victim from the parking lot of the Picadilly Restaurant in Denver.

There are several other persons of interest in the case.

Sheila Birl 1979

On October 25, 1979, Sheila "Cricket" Birl's body was discovered along Interstate 76, near Weld County Road 51, outside of Hudson. Her cause of death was undetermined, however a drug overdose is suspected. Birl was a prostitute and heroin addict. She was last seen in Denver by her pimp. She was described as an adult, black female. She was last seen wearing a rabbit fur coat, a blond wig and green sunglasses. Birl was allegedly in hiding because she owed a large sum of money to a drug dealer, named “Big Mellow,” out of Kansas. Birl also used the names, Dejunda Hudson and Melody Lorraine Smith. She had arrest records in Kansas City and Denver.

Yvonn Rabb 1981

Yvonne Rabb Yvonne Rabb's body was found on Nov. 15, 1981, in a ditch near Weld County roads 8 and 11, near Dacono. Rabb was a prostitute in the Five Points neighborhood in Denver. She was last seen Nov. 14, 1981, walking into an alley in the Five Points area, near Big Al's Bar, with people who would later be suspected in her death. One witness reportedly heard a gunshot in alley. She was also known as Yvonne, Robb, Yvonne Rapp, Diane Thompson and “Buddy." The homicide is possibly tied to a narcotics transaction gone wrong.

Casimiro Morado 1983

On Oct. 25, 1983, Casimiro Morado's body was found in an irrigation ditch at Weld County roads 74 and 27, near Severance. He was stabbed to death. Benedicto Samuel Carrion (Jan. 4, 1945) is the primary suspect.

Robert Moody 1984

On Oct. 23, 1984, Robert Moody was found dead from a gunshot wound inside his house at Weld County Road 52 and U.S. 85, near LaSalle. There was family turmoil leading up to the discovery of his body and suicide has not been ruled out as a possible manner of death.

Denise Davenport 1985

Denise Davenport Denise Davenport was a student at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. She was reported as a missing person to the Greeley Police Department. Davenport was last seen on Feb. 24, 1985, when she left work at the Greeley Mall. She was wearing a bright pink two-piece suit, with a white blouse and black pumps.

The car Davenport was driving was discovered a few days later in a student dormitory parking lot. Her body was discovered April 20, 1985, in the South Platte River between 18th Street and U.S. 34, near Greeley. The cause and manner of her death was undetermined, but foul play is suspected. Her death is being investigated as a homicide. Several suspects have been identified.

Gerald Drieling 1986

Gerald Drieling was found Aug. 27, 1986, shot to death inside his home at Weld County roads 10 and 23, southwest of Fort Lupton. It is believed he interrupted a daytime burglary at his home. Several persons of interest were identified.

Mario Mendoza 1986

Mario Mendoza On Sept. 23, 1986, Mario Mendoza’s body was found floating in the Fulton Irrigation Ditch #2 at Weld County roads 4 and 29, near Brighton. Mendoza had been beaten to death. It is speculated that he was placed in the ditch in Adams County and floated to the location of his discovery.

Robin Nelson 1988

On June 12, 1988, Robin Nelson's body was discovered by a farmer on the side of a farm access road near Interstate 25 and Weld County Road 8, near Dacono. It is believed she died of a drug overdose, but the Weld County Coroner was unable to make an official finding of the cause or manner of death.

Nelson lived in the 1400 block of Adams Street in Denver. She was last seen on June 8, 1988, by her neighbors when she asked them to babysit for her son for a few hours. Nelson was an acquaintance of Tammy Lynn Cheeks, of Denver (See cold case entry below). Suspects were identified.

Valerie Meeks 1991

Valerie Valerie Meeks was a prostitute known for working Colfax Avenue in Denver. On July 17, 1991, her body was found in a field near Weld County roads 4 and 5, near Erie. She was reported as a missing person on July 3, 1991, out of Aurora. Suspects were identified.

Tammy Cheeks 1992

On Nov. 15, 1992, Tammy Cheeks' body was found by hunters in a concrete irrigation ditch at Weld County roads 20 and 51, near Hudson. She was a prostitute working Colfax Avenue in Denver. She used the aliases of Tammy Cloathes, Tammy Mason and Gloria Fowler. Her alias date of birth is Dec. 9, 1959. The cause and manner of death was never determined.

John Doe 1993

On Sept. 21, 1993, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office received information about a possible homicide that occurred four days earlier on Sept. 17, 1993. The suspects were identified, but a body was never found and a victim has never been identified. The alleged homicide victim was picked up at The Break Pool Hall in Greeley, driven to Brantner Road and Industrial Park Way, near Evans and shot while still seated in the vehicle. The vehicle is described as a 2-door sports sedan with tinted windows, dark in color, with a light colored interior. It was possibly a Saturn. The victim is described as a 30- to 40-year-old white male with sandy, collar-length hair and a rotting tooth. He spoke with an accent.

John Doe 1995

John Doe 1995 On August 12, 1995, the sheriff's office was notified about a skeletonized body that was discovered partially buried at Weld County roads 8 and 31, near Fort Lupton. The skeleton was that of an adult male, with a mixed race of white and Native-American.

The man was fully clothed and had most likely been dead since at least July 1994. His pants were size 29 X 32. His shirt size was 34 X 36. He was right handed.

The unidentified man died of gunshot wounds and/or stab wounds.

James Vooris 1996

James Vooris James Vooris was beaten to death on Nov. 21, 1996 in a motel room at the Super 8 Motel in Del Camino, located off of Interstate 25 and Colo. 119. Several leads and potential suspects were developed. The homicide is believed to be drug-related.

Sheryl Parker 1996

Sheryl Parker Sheryl Parker lived and worked in Larimer County, where she was a payroll employee. Parker’s body was discovered July 26, 1996, in the St. Vrain River.

Parker died from blunt force trauma. She was last seen alive at the Budget Host Motel in Del Camino. Her car was located found in the motel parking lot. Her husband, Glenn Parker, is the primary suspect.

Ruben Ortiz-Gutierrez 1998

Ruben Ortiz-Gutierrez In October 2005, Weld County Sheriff's Office investigators were notified by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that a homicide victim from seven years earlier had been identified as Ruben Ortiz-Gutierrez, 30, of Denver. The case originated on May 16, 1998, when Ortiz-Gutierrez's body was found in a dry irrigation ditch just northeast of Del Camino. Anyone with information about the victim or the case is asked to call the Weld County Sheriff's Office at (970) 304-6464.

Brooklyn V. Digesualdo

Brooklyn was a 22-month-old girl who died Jan. 22, 2000, at her home in Evanston. Her mother’s boyfriend of one year was babysitting Brooklyn when deputies responded to the home on a report of an infant who was not breathing. The boyfriend claimed Brooklyn fell off the bed when he left the room and a short time later he discovered she wasn't breathing. The cause of death was undetermined and foul play is suspected.

John Doe 2000 - WC00-692

John Doe 2000 On February 14, 2000, a Weld County Resident discovered the skeletal remains of a person in the river bank of the Cache La Poudre River, east of Greeley. The victim is approximately 5 feet, 4 inches tall. It is believed he is from the Oregon area and was murdered in Colorado.

Baby Found 2002

BABY FOUND 2002 The Weld County Sheriff's Office is looking for information about the abandonment of a newborn infant found Wednesday morning Sept. 11, 2002, in the area of U.S. 85 and Weld County Road 2 1/2 north of Brighton. An autopsy indicated the baby was alive at birth.

The baby was wrapped in the blanket in the picture.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Weld County Sheriff's Office Investigations Unit at (970) 304-6464.


Sex Assault Suspect Weld deputies are still searching for a suspect who they believe sexually assaulted and attempted to strangle a Hudson woman at 9:40 a.m. on Dec. 19, 2003. A composite sketch was released of the 5-foot, 9-inch, 170-pound Latino man who was last seen wearing a red button-down shirt, blue jeans, a black baseball cap and a blue jean jacket. He was last seen at the victim's home in the area of Weld County roads 39 and 8.

If you have information about this person, call (970) 304-6464

Daniel Larson 2004

Daniel Larson Daniel Larson was from Illinois. He had been living in the Loveland area for about five years. Larson was living out of his gray, 1990 Pontiac 6000. His family began looking for him in late December 2004 after they lost contact with him. His vehicle was discovered at the Park & Ride at Interstate 25 and U.S. 34. There was evidence of foul play in the vehicle. His body was discovered on Jan. 13, 2004, by hunters in a field north of Kersey.