Weld County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit

WCSO K9 Dogs

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office has five K9 teams that work in the Patrol Division. The dogs are certified to do narcotics detection, tracking and suspect capture. Each dog is paired with a deputy who acts as their handler. The dog lives with their handler and is their partner at work.

The K9 Unit trains together multiple times each month to ensure handlers and their dogs are working as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Joining the K9 Unit for regular trainings is the Decoy Team, which is made up of deputies from other units in both the patrol and detentions divisions. Members of the Decoy Team bring a real-life element to K9 training scenarios that would otherwise be difficult to imitate with dummies and other training equipment.

Deputy Lefevre & K9 Ranger

Lefevre and K9 Ranger K9 Ranger

Deputy Brandon LeFevre and his K9 partner, Ranger, have been a team since August of 2023. Ranger, who is Deputy LeFevre’s first K9, is a 4-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever certified in narcotics detection. Ranger lives with Deputy LeFevre and enjoys playing fetch with his favorite toys on his time off.

Deputy LeFevre started his Law Enforcement career in Colorado in 2007. He joined the Weld County Sheriff's Office in 2022, he is currently assigned to the patrol division and is a member of the Weld County Regional SWAT Team.   

Deputy Fortin & K9 Kilo

 Deputy Fortin and K9 Kilo K9 Kilo

Hi Weld County Citizens,

My name is Kilo. I am a 2-year-old German Shepherd/ Belgian Malinois cross. I came over to South Carolina from Europe a year ago and learned how to use my amazing nose to find narcotics and track criminal suspects. I love to find my toy hiding in random places throughout the county and I really don't like having days off from servicing the community. I am currently working with Deputy Fortin, and I live with him at his house on my days off. It is not a bad life. Nice to meet you all.


Deputy Jenneiahn and K9 Cowboy

 Deputy Jenneiahn and K9 Cowboy Web K9 Cowboy Website

Deputy Sean Jenneiahn began his law enforcement career in California, working for a large metro agency and got his first K9 partner in 2001.  Deputy Jenneiahn left California and moved to Colorado in 2006.  He joined the Weld County Sheriff’s Office in March 2020, and is currently assigned to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office Strike Team.  During his law enforcement career, he has worked with three different K9 partners, and recently began working with his fourth K9.  Deputy Jenneiahn and his K9 partner, Cowboy, started working together in November of 2023.

K9 Cowboy is a 20-month-old Malinois imported from the Netherlands.  He is certified in narcotics detection and patrol functions. Deputy Jenneiahn and K9 Cowboy also deploy with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team.

Deputy Dougherty & K9 Dexter

 Dougherty and K9 Dexter Website K9 Dexter

Deputy Dougherty commenced his law enforcement journey in 1999, initially as a dedicated volunteer, and later transitioned to a full-time role in 2008. His career has been marked by versatility, amassing valuable insights over his 15 years of service; with experiences ranging from the jail, the courts unit, and ultimately to patrol.

In 2019, a transformative partnership unfolded as Deputy Dougherty joined forces with K9 Dexter, a lively and floppy-eared yellow Labrador. Now at the age of 5, Dexter is at the pinnacle of his career, diligently detecting narcotics and contributing significantly to the safety of Weld County by removing them from the streets and the jail.

Beyond his professional duties, Dexter finds joy in playing ball and savoring moments with his family. Together, Deputy Dougherty and Dexter exemplify a dedicated team committed to the well-being of Weld County, showcasing the powerful combination of experience, skill, and companionship in law enforcement.

Sgt. Neugebauer & K9 Viper

Neugebauer and Viper K9 Viper  

Sgt. Larry Neugebauer and K9 Viper have been a team since September of 2018. Viper is a 6-year-old German Shepherd who is certified in narcotics detection, tracking, and apprehension. Sgt. Neugebauer and Viper have been assigned to the patrol division for the past five years and are frequently called to assist deputies on patrol and other agencies in Weld County. They also assist the Weld County Regional SWAT team on high-risk callouts throughout the County.