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Weld Sheriff's Duties

The Weld County Sheriff's duties are established by Colorado Statutes and the Weld County Home Rule Charter (1976) and include, but are not limited to, maintenance of the Weld County Jail, service and execution of all civil processes including writs, precepts and orders of the Weld County and Weld District courts, transportation of prisoners, security of the courthouse, search and rescue, and the investigation of crimes or breech of the peace. Some of these duties are confined to areas outside incorporated fire districts while other duties include the entire county and its citizens without regard to political subdivision or boundaries.

Weld County Sheriff

A candidate for sheriff must be a graduate of a certified law enforcement academy, or a graduate of an institution requiring a minimum of 90 quarter or 60 semester credit hours for graduation or have a minimum of five years' experience as an administrator in law enforcement and be a qualified elector of the state residing in the relevant county for at least one year prior to election. The sheriff serves a four-year term and is limited to three terms in office. The Weld County Sheriff's Office is headquartered in Greeley, the county seat, with substations in Fort Lupton and Del Camino.

All personnel, except the undersheriff, are administered in accordance with the personnel procedures adopted by the Weld County Board of County Commissioners pursuant to Home Rule Charter requirements. All county personnel must hold at a minimum the equivalent of a General Education Development Test. Employees who have earned a formal college degree must be able to show they've met the minimum educational standards pursuant to the requirements of specific job positions within the county.

The Detentions Division is the largest entity within the sheriff's office both in terms of personnel and annual funding. In addition to traditional careers in law enforcement, the sheriff's office also has office technicians, counselors, juvenile and adult security staff, and many other civilian assignments that offer a unique range of specialization and training opportunities.