Report a Crime

If this is an emergency, or if a crime is currently taking place, please dial 911.  ""

This form should only be used only for:

  1. Non-Emergency crimes that occurred in Unincorporated Weld County.  For crimes that occurred within the city limits of any town or city in Weld County, please contact your local law enforcement agency.
  2. Non-Emergency (cold) type reports including: All thefts, lost property, and gas drive-offs.
  3. For crimes without evidence relating to the types of events listed above.
  4. If the suspect's identity is unknown and there are no leads, the case will be suspended, meaning no active investigation will be completed absent further leads.
  5. If at a later date, you need to add additional information to the report, you will need to contact the Weld County Regional Communications Center (dispatch) at (970) 350-9600.  Please retain your case number for reference.


This form should not be used for motor vehicle accidents.  Instead go to Colorado State Patrol Accident Reporting Portal.


Complete a Weld County Sheriff's Office Online Crime Report