Concealed Handgun Permit Frequently Asked Questions

1. New Permit FAQs:

Question: Do I have to make an appointment to submit my application?

Answer: No, we do not make appointments. You can submit your application anytime between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday (except holidays).

Question: Do we have to have a separate payment for CBI?

Answer: No, we will take payment for the full amount. We accept debit or credit card, personal check, cash or money order.

Question: How long do I have to wait to get my permit?

Answer: Up to 90 days, depending on CBI’s workload. We can advise current processing time when you submit your application. If there is a problem, we will contact you by phone or by mail.

Question: I’ve already had my fingerprints done for CBI (teacher, real estate agent, etc.) do I have to do them again?

Answer: Yes, CBI requires a new set of fingerprints be done for all new CHP applications. Fingerprints are done during application process at the Weld County Sheriff's Office located at 1950"O" Street, Greeley, CO or by appointment only at the southwest substation located at 4209 CR 24.5, Longmont, CO (Del Camino, I25 frontage road north of Hwy 119).

Question: Do I need to provide a photo when I submit my application?

Answer: No. A photograph will be taken at the time of application.

2. Firearms Training:

Question: Do you accept a Hunter Safety card for firearms training?

Answer: At this time we do if it was issued within the last 10 years.

Question: Where do I go for firearms training?

Answer: You need to locate a certified (NRA, police, government) instructor. They usually have classes through either a shooting range, a sporting goods store, or independently. The instructors credentials (NRA number, etc) must be on the training certificate or provided separately at the time of application.

Question: What type of firearms training class do I need to take?

Answer: Any firearms class given by a “certified” instructor will suffice.

3. Address Change:

CHP Status Change Use this form- CHP Current Lost Stolen Form (PDF) to report an: Address Change, Lost, Destroyed or Stolen CHP

Question: I got my permit in Weld County and now I’m moving to another county, how do I transfer my permit?

Answer: You don’t. As of 2003 your permit is valid statewide. You will need to update your address with us (the original issuing agency) so we can update your information in our database.

Question: Do I have to submit the address change form in person?

Answer: No, you can have the form notarized and then you can mail it in.

Question: How long do I have after I move to submit my address change?

Answer: You are required to notify us within 30 days or you could be subject to a Class 1 Petty Offense.

4. Renewal:

CHP Renewal Information - Please complete Carry Concealed Weapons Permit Application (PDF). In the box “Renewal? Y” (check box) and list Permit#. Also complete CHP Renewal Qualification (PDF). Submit both forms at time of renewal.

Question: Will I receive a renewal notice?

Answer: No, But you do have 120 days before the expiration date on your permit to begin the renewal process.

Question: How long do I have to wait to receive my new permit?

Answer: Typically between 4-8 weeks, depending on CBI’s workload.

Question: Do I need to take another firearms training class each time I renew?

Answer: Not as long as your permit remains valid and current. Only new applicants need to provide proof of firearms training.

Question: I got my permit in Weld County but now live in another county and my permit is going to expire soon. What do I do?

Answer: Per Colorado Revised Statutes, you must renew your permit in the county in which you reside.

Question: My permit expired more than 6 months ago. Can I still renew it?

Answer: No. You only have up to 6 months past the expiration date to renew it. After that it is permanently expired. If it is expired but not past 6 months you may renew it but you will be assessed a $15.00 late fee in addition to the renewal fees.

5. Out of State Permits:

Question: I have just moved here, can I use my out-of-state permit while I’m waiting for the Colorado permit?

Answer: No. Once you become a Colorado resident, your out-of-state permit is no longer reciprocal.

Question: Does my out-of-state permit suffice for firearm’s training?

Answer: No. We need to see your original firearm’s training certificate that was issued in the last 10 years.

Question: What other state(s) is my permit valid in?

Answer: You can check the reciprocity on CBI’s website for the most up-to-date information.