Weld County North Jail Complex

Our Mission

The Jail will accept and lawfully hold prisoners in a safe, humane, wholesome environment that returns people to the community better, or no worse, than they arrived.

Weld County Jail

Main Entrance The Weld County Sheriff's Office is concerned about the families and friends of those in our custody. The information below is designed to provide the public with a better understanding about how the jail the works and what day-to-day life is like for those in our custody.

For All Emergencies Dial 911

Bail and Bond

How it works

In most cases, people who are arrested can get out of jail by paying a bail bond that is set by the courts. Sometimes inmates will first have to appear before a judge before their bond amount is set.

Bail is the amount of money a judge believes will be enough to motivate someone come to appear for their future court dates. Bond is how the bail money is guaranteed to the court.

Payment Methods

There are different types of bonds with the two most common being cash and surety bonds. You must have cash, a cashier's check or money order to post a cash bond, a non-refundable $10 bond fee and a non-refundable $30 booking fee. Cashier’s checks and money orders must be payable to the Weld County Sheriff's Office. Tell us if you want your name on a cash bond you post so the money will be returned to you when the court releases the bond. If the person does not go to court when they are supposed to, the court has the authority to seize the cash.

Surety bonds are posed by a third party known as a bondsperson. Google "bail bonds Weld County" to find a local bail bondsperson or search in the Yellow Pages under "bail bonds." Bondspersons charge a fee to post an inmate's bond. Those fees are non-refundable.

Local Bail Bonds Phone List

A Affordable Bail Bonds (970) 392-9959

A A Jason's Bail Bonds (970) 356-7950

A-1 Bail Bonds (970) 352-2777

Alda Pauline's Bail Bonds

Ron's Bail Bonds Company (970) 557-4103 or (970) 445-2126 or (970) 400-7977 or (970) 351-6734

All American Bail Bonds (970) 356-6776

All Day All Night Bail Bonds (970) 356-4300 or (970) 356-5353

A Seasons Bail Bonds (970) 352-8660

ASAP Bail Bonds (970) 378-7878 or (970) 353-9999

Bail America (970) 356-2245

Code 4 Bail Bonds (970) 691-0573 or (970) 352-8660

Eron INC (970) 352-9411

Goodfella's Bail Bond LLC (970) 353-9559 or (970) 673-8625

Judicial Bail Bonds II LLC 303) 725-3587 or (970) 691-9193

McCarther Bail Bonds (970) 702-2100

Tami's AA Bail Bonds (970) 282-0591

Weld County Bail Bonds (970) 356-5353 or (970) 356-4300

24 Hour Bail Bonds (970) 352-8888

Jail Visitation Schedule



The following change is effective June 27, 2016

Inmates housed in general population will have a daily lock down period from 12 pm through 3 pm. The lock down period is to ensure the safety, security and orderly operation of the jail.

This change will affect video visitation. The earliest available time to visit will change to 3:15 pm. This is to serve notice to all Inmates and their families. This additional lock down time will not interfere with the movement to and from court, legal visits, and program staffing or medical services.


Este cambio será efectivo el 27 de Junio el año 2016

Los prisioneros que están asignados en las unidades de población general tendrán un tiempo diario de cierre desde de 12 a 3 de la tarde. La adición de una hora de cierre es para garantizar la seguridad de todos y mantener las operaciones normales de la carcel. Este cambio también afectará a la visita de vídeo. El nuevo tiempo para iniciar una visita personal por las tardes es las 3:15 de la tarde. Esta en notificar para todos los prisioneros y sus familiares. Esta hora adicional de cierre no afectará con el movimiento de los tribunales, las visitas legales, de concejeria y servicios medicos.

Professional Visitation

The Weld County Sheriff's Office and the Weld County Jail are recognized as a professional environment. Professional visitors are expected to wear appropriate attire and be well groomed during the performance of their job while conducting business at the Weld County Jail.

The Detentions Division of the Weld County Sheriff's Office has provided the information below as a guide for professional visitors wishing to conduct business at the Weld County Jail.

Appropriate Attire: Clean, pressed clothing in good repair that is neither bizarre, flamboyant, nor casual, which one would expect to see worn in a professional office setting. Ties are not required.

Examples of appropriate attire:

Men: Suits, slacks, with a dress or sport shirt with appropriate footwear and socks. Ties are optional.

Women: Dresses or skirts to knee length or longer, slacks with dress blouse, knit or polo shirts with collars, oxford shirts with collars, professional looking collarless shirts, sweaters/cardigans, blazers/jackets, and turtlenecks. Shoes with a closed toe and an enclosed heel or heel strap.

Inappropriate attire: Clothing that reveals cleavage, back, chest, stomach or underwear. Clothing that is worn from wear, faded, un-hemmed, frayed, is torn, has holes, is dirty or badly wrinkled. Additionally, shorts, crop or gaucho pants, workout attire, tank tops, sweat suits, all plastic or rubber footwear, canvas flip flops, athletic shoes, skater shoes, blue denim jeans, skirts shorter than knee length, cargo pants, strapless dresses, sweatpants, spandex shorts, leotards, sundresses, halter tops with bare shoulders, and jogging/wind/warm-up suits. T-shirts unless worn under another blouse, shirt, jacket, or dress (included as inappropriate would be t-shirts with slogans, terms, pictures, or cartoons printed on them). Hats are not appropriate in the Weld County Jail.

Professional visitors are encouraged to conceal tattoos with clothing whenever possible.

It is the responsibility of each professional visitor to dress appropriately and professionally at all times when conducting business in the Weld County Jail.

If a professional visitor is found to be in violation of this dress code, the professional visitor may be refused entry and/or asked to leave the Weld County Jail until corrections in attire are made.

Information Needed to Visit

All personal visitations will be facilitated through the use of video visitation equipment to approved visitors by appointment. Appointments can be made over the phone at (970) 304-6556 and may be scheduled up to one week in advance.

Appointments are taken on Mondays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., as well as on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 5 pm. The appointment line is closed on county holidays and county closures for extreme weather.

Inmate visitation will be cancelled during county closures.

All visits will be a maximum of thirty minutes long and will be subject to monitoring and recording.

When coming to the Weld County Jail for a visit, please remember to bring a valid government picture identification card or a driver's license. We do not accept paper forms of I.D. or school-issued identification cards.

No food, drink, cell phones or cameras are allowed at the visiting monitors. All visitors must be appropriately dressed or the visit will be denied.

Visitation Rules

  1. Spaghetti strap, tank tops or strapless tops not allowed.
  2. No cleavage showing or see-through tops.
  3. No cellphones or cameras at the monitors.
  4. No food or drink at the monitors.
  5. No unauthorized persons at the monitors.
  6. Children must be supervised at all times.
  7. No pets (service animals are ok).
  8. Flashing of body parts is NOT allowed.
  9. Name and date of birth must match our records.
  10. Proof of guardianship is required when bringing in minor children.

Any violations of these rules or any form of disruptive behavior may be cause to terminate your visit early or cause to have you banned from visiting for a period of 6 months to one year.

Minor Visitors

A parent or legal guardian must accompany all visitors under the age of 18. Only one adult visitor and two minor children may visit an inmate during a scheduled appointment.


What Happens First?

New prisoners are questioned and observed right away to find out if they need immediate medical or mental health care. A telephone call is allowed as soon as possible unless the prisoner is violent.

A nurse and a counselor will talk with a new prisoner within a short time. The nurse finds out if they need to see a doctor, take prescriptions or have other medical problems. The counselor finds out if they are thinking of hurting themselves or need some other help with their mental health.

Counselors "classify" prisoners who don't get out of jail within 24 hours to find out where they should be housed. A prisoner's current charges, past history, behavior and other factors are checked so only prisoners with similar backgrounds are housed together. That helps keep everyone safe and secure. Even then, anyone who feels afraid of someone else needs to tell staff.


We encourage you to send letters to your loved one or friend at this address:

Inmate's Name
Weld County Jail
2110 O Street
Greeley, CO 80631

All mail is screened before it is delivered to an inmate. Mail without a return address is not opened and returned to the U.S. Post Office. For security reasons, we cannot accept packages, food, snacks, stamped envelopes, stamps, books, construction paper, newspapers, magazines or items made with glitter, clippings or anything made with glue, cards that have paper inserts or items that pop out. Items not accepted will be returned. Ask the inmate what is allowed. No more than four pictures or 10 letters are allowed at one time. Postage-paid envelopes and larger envelopes may be purchased through commissary. Indigent inmates will receive one free envelope per week. Indigent inmates are defined as inmates with a balance of less than .53 on their inmate account for 30 or more consecutive days.


Inmate Money Account

An account is opened for an inmate at the time they arrive at the jail. Money in this account is used by the inmate to pay for medical visits and buy commissary. Commissary includes things the jail does not issue like playing cards, snacks, portable radios, deodorant, etc. 

To put money in an inmate’s account, you can mail a money order or make a deposit to Access SecureDeposits via a lobby kiosk, the phone, and the Internet. There is a $4 fee to use Access SecureDeposits. Jail employees cannot accept cash or personal checks to deposit into an inmate's account.

  • Money orders must be made out to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and can be sent to 2110 O St., Greeley, CO 80631. Make sure the inmate's name is written in the “for” or “remarks” section of the money order. Cash or personal checks are not accepted.
  • A Lobby Kiosk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and accepts cash, debit cards and credit cards.
  • Phone deposits are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact a bi-lingual Customer Service Representative at 1-866-345-1884 who accepts deposits from debit cards and credit cards.
  • Online deposits are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.inmatedeposits.com. Money can be transferred to an inmate's account online using a debit or credit card.

Access SecureDeposits provides the most affordable and reliable way to deposit funds into an inmate's account. Please keep your receipt once a deposit is made. For all questions or problems concerning the kiosk, phone, or internet services contact customer support at 1-866-345-1884. Have your receipt ready when you call.


Staff cannot give messages to inmates. If you have an emergency message, telephone the jail and ask for an on-duty commander. Even emergency messages have to be verified before being given to an inmate.


Only collect call telephones are available to inmates. All personal telephone calls are recorded. A fee is billed to the person called for every call accepted. 

Talk time is limited to 15 minutes per call. Calls cannot be made to international numbers and will disconnect if a computer believes you are trying to forward a call to someone else or have a portable phone. 

If you accept a lot of calls, the cost will quickly add up on your phone bill. We encourage you to write letters and visit in person so you don't spend a lot of money.

You can have your telephone number blocked so it cannot be called from jail by asking an on-duty supervisor. The block will stay until you call the on-duty supervisor to have it removed.

Day to Day Activities

Inmate Life

Meeting Area

Housing units, called "pods," are made up of several individual rooms connected to a large room. A correctional officer works inside each housing unit 24 hours a day. Individual rooms can have one bed or more. A housing unit may hold as many as 80 inmates.

Inmates have to stay in their room or cell with the door closed or locked several times a day. This is called a "lock down" period. Even with lock downs, inmates are still outside their individual room or cell about 10 hours every day.

A nurse is always in the building. Clinics with the jail physician and dentist are available several times each week. Co-payments are charged for appointments not required by a nurse. If you have important information about an inmate's medical or mental health, call the jail and ask to speak to the medical unit.

Three nutritionally balanced meals are served every day and recreation time is scheduled several times each week. There are both indoor and outdoor gyms.

An in-house library is available. Inmates are allowed to check out up to two books each week.

All basic hygiene supplies and clothing are issued by the jail. Some inmates have to wash their own underclothing, but uniforms and bedding are washed and regularly exchanged by the jail. Inmates are expected to shower at least twice weekly and may ask for a razor to shave. Haircuts may be available at cost.

Programs are offered for self-improvement. An inmate needs to talk with a counselor to find out what might be available.

A grievance procedure is available to inmates if they have a complaint or a problem. The grievance procedure is described in The Inmate Handbook available in each housing unit.

Jail K9 Unit

Deputy Dougherty & K9 Dexter

Weld County Jail K9 Dexter The Weld County Sheriff’s Office added in 2016 its first K9 team to the Weld County Jail. K9s assigned to the Detentions Division are typically certified for narcotics detection, but can sometimes serve in patrol operations when needed. Jail K9s aid in our mission to maintain a safe, healthy and wholesome environment by deterring the unlawful entry of illegal narcotics into the facility.

Currently assigned to the Weld County Jail are Deputy Adam Dougherty and his K9 partner, Dexter. Dexter is a 2 1/2-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever certified in narcotics detection.

Deputy Dougherty began his career with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office in 2007 in the Weld County Jail, where he worked for five years. He then rotated to the Courts Division for five years before moving to patrol. After three years on the road, Dougherty was assigned to the K9 Unit.Deputy Adam Dougherty and K9 Dexter

Deputy Dougherty and K9 Dexter have been a certified narcotics detection team since early 2020. In addition to being assigned to the Weld County Jail, Dougherty and Dexter are certified to assist the Patrol Division with narcotics-related missions.