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About the Weld County Sheriff's Office

The Weld County Sheriff's Office's jurisdiction covers 4,017 square miles. The sheriff's office has divided the county into four sections, referred to as patrol districts, to better service the citizens of Weld County. These districts were created using the sheriff's office's philosophy of community policing. In accordance with those guiding principles, deputies are assigned to patrol districts on a continuing, routine basis. The community policing philosophy allows deputies to ingrain themselves into the communities they serve to assist residents in resolving problems that affect the quality of life of an area. In an effort to be part of the community, the sheriff's office regularly participates in neighborhood watch activities as established in neighborhoods, subdivisions and towns throughout the county. Deputies view themselves as partners in the communities they serve and can provide citizens with resources beyond strictly those relevant to law enforcement. Deputies welcome the many opportunities to meet with citizens in their assigned areas and appreciate citizen contact no matter the circumstances.

The Weld County Sheriff's Office also is responsible for managing the Weld County Jail, which will soon be capable of holding 1,300 inmates. Inmates stay at the Weld County Jail while they progress through the court system. While they are at the jail, staff members work to ensure that they are provided a safe, humane and wholesome environment, and that they are treated with dignity and respect. The Weld County Sheriff's Office also serves the county and district courts of Colorado's 19th Judicial District. The sheriff's office is responsible for inmate transport to and from the jail, as well as providing security at the Weld County Court House.